Why Is It That Some Companies Don’t Provide Good Service? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Why is it that some companies don’t provide good service?

Well, it seems to me that many companies still don’t understand why they should worry about customer experience. They are only worried about the money they make, and they don’t care if the customers are handled correctly as long the profit remains unaffected. They don’t spend the time, effort and money to train their employees. This is basic, but surprisingly, it happens more often than it should, which is ‘never’. But even worse, many companies don’t pay their employees enough. And it’s perfectly natural that if companies do not treat their employees well, their employees are not going to be bothered with treating customers well. A large number of companies say ‘The customer comes first’. They keep chanting this mantra, but they don’t really know what this means or they may think that they are giving their customers exactly what they want. In fact, they fail to hire the right people to do the customer service job. You see, it’s not only about having the needed skill-set, being a great listener, and being an effective communicator. It’s more about having a passion for this kind of job and really enjoying doing it. Some people are just not cut out for customer service work, and hiring them for customer service positions might just do more harm than good for your business. As a result, their customers don’t feel cared for and valued. And, unfortunately, this is not a complete list of things that explain why so many companies fail to deliver excellent customer service.