Which Is More Important, To Maintain Old Friendships Or Make New Friends? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Which is more important, to maintain old friendships or make new friends?

I guess maintaining an old friendship is much more important than making a new one as your old friend knows you and understands you better than a new one does. So your old friend knows how to make you feel good or sad because they’ve had years of watching your reactions to certain situations. Your old friend was there at that family party, they remember the heartbreak you felt when you broke up with your first love and how it changed you. There aren’t many more enjoyable evenings as the ones you spend with people you’ve known forever, where every question starts with ‘remember when’. You might be a high-flying banker or CEO now, but remember when you fell over on the bus and face-planted in front of everyone… Or the time you had such a good night out on holiday that you narrowly missed your flight home… Those memories make you happy because they remind you of a time when you were happy. You can’t have this with a new friend as it takes time and effort to develop a friendship. And with your old friend you’ve already gone past that stage. Most importantly, old friends are likely to be the people who tell you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. They might tell you that your boyfriend isn’t worthy or that you’re behaving like an unreasonable idiot. Your old friends are often the people who are most likely to be truly honest with you. But, of course, as you grow older, you meet more like-minded people because you have a better sense of self, of what you like and what your interests are. So making new friends is important well, but new friends can’t be a replacement for friends whom you’ve shared a hundred experiences with.