What’s The Difference Between The Reading Habits Of Young People And Old People? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: What’s the difference between the reading habits of young people and old people?

Well, the main difference between the reading habits of younger and older people is the fact that, unlike young people, old people still show a strong preference for traditional printed books over digital ones. One more difference I can think of is the fact that the old usually have set times for reading during the day and try to make reading pleasurable by getting into a comfortable chair with a good blanket and having some good tea or coffee while reading. It’s also common for senior readers to make a list of books they want to read and stick to it, finishing to read one book and immediately starting to read the next one from their wish list. Well, the last typical habit of more adult readers is to carry a book with them wherever they may go in order to fill in time with reading while being on a bus or waiting in a queue. Young people usually read books when they have nothing to do or when some interesting book title attracts their attention. If they are interested in the plot, they can read sitting, lying and even standing as it is the storyline that matters to them, but not the comfort.