What Kinds Of Things Do People Like To Buy In Your Country? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: What kinds of things do people like to buy in your country?

Well, I think the same as in all countries. People all around the world are very busy these days and this is why they, first of all, try to surround themselves with products that save time and effort both at work, I mean smartphones, PDAS, electronic calculators and stuff like that and at home buying stuff like blenders, grinders, food choppers, vacuum-cleaners etc. They also like to buy products that make or save money such as energy-saving power strips, water filter systems, portable space heaters, LED bulbs and solar-powered devices as well as products that make life healthy and comfortable such as vitamins and supplements, personal care products like face and body creams and lotions, candles, drapery, lighting, furniture and even cars because they are also about comfort but not luxury nowadays. I can also add to people’s favorites list products that make them learn such as “how to” guides, books, e-books, apps and the ones that entertain them such as card games, board games, films, video games and vacation packages.