What Is The Difference Between Required Skills In The Past And Those At Present? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: What is the difference between required skills in the past and those at present?

It seems to me that skills for success have changed significantly over the years. In the past, to have a successful career, a person had to perform certain tasks related to their job fast and efficiently. But it is no longer critical nowadays as a lot of work is done by computers and other technology. Today at levels, first and foremost, workers need excellent written and verbal communication skills. To add value to an organization, an effective employee must have the ability to quickly discern information from emails, text messages, social media sites, blogs and podcasts. These new communication skills are termed ‘new-media literacy’, and workers need to be able both critically consume and produce communications using these new types of media. Also, I’m sure that being able to adapt to changes is more important today than ever as change as the law of life. And if people are resistant to change, they may lose lots of opportunities to learn something new and develop their skills. I can’t help mentioning such essential skills as critical thinking skills. The worker, who possesses a high level of critical thinking skills, takes a realistic perspective and questions underlying assumptions. As a result, they are able to recognize potential obstacles and to plan mitigating strategies. Finally, I’m sure that more and more organisations value workers who possess decision-making, leadership and problem-solving skills ’cause these employees are proactive. They think ahead, act ahead and get ahead. Oh, and I nearly forgot to say that teamwork skills are of great importance too.