What Do You Think Is The Key To Overcoming Difficulties? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: What do you think is the key to overcoming difficulties?

In my opinion, if you encounter a difficulty, first of all, you should assess the situation and make an action plan ’cause it’s important to know what exactly you should do to deal with the difficulty. So, first, you just need to sit and think about the problem you’re facing. Another important thing is not to be afraid to seek help. I know that seeking help makes many people feel less competent, vulnerable and creates the feeling that we’re somehow weaker than we should be. But it’s ok to reach out for support ’cause whatever you are going through, there are others who have been through it too. Also, if you want to overcome a difficulty, you should think positively ’cause in moments of adversity, it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like everything is against you. However, if focus on the areas of your life that are going well, you’ll be less sensitive to negativity. For example, If there’s one area of your life that’s challenging at the moment, let’s say it’s your finances, then look at the other areas that are going well, like your health or your relationships. And you should remember that using emotional eating as a coping mechanism will make things worse ’cause it often takes you deeper into the hole when the immediate gratification is gone. Finally, you shouldn’t be afraid to express your worries and concerns ’cause when ignored, feelings usually become trapped energy and can even have negative health consequences. And, of course, you should find the energy not to give up no matter what.