116+ Topics IELTS General Training – Writing Task 1 Thường Gặp Nhất

IELTS General Training – Writing Task 1 là phần thi quan trọng trong IELTS Writing. Sau đây là tổng hợp 116+ chủ đề phổ biến nhất trong bài IELTS General Training – Writing Task 1 được cập nhật thường xuyên. Chúng tôi hy vọng những chủ đề này sẽ giúp bạn luyện tập và đạt thành tích tốt nhất trong bài thi IELTS của mình.

Sample topic 1:
You recently took a trip and the tour guide was very helpful. Write a letter to the tour company to
Describe the tour
Talk about the tour guide
Recommend a way to thank the guide

Sample topic 2:
You work for an international company and want to resign your job. Explain
Why you want to resign
When you plan to leave
What you liked about the company

Sample topic 3:
Your child’s school is planning a field trip outside the country for 3 days and is asking for parents to come along. Write a letter
Asking about the trip
Explaining why you want to join
Explainin how you can help out

Sample topic 4:
You work in an international company and want to request some time off to attend a family event. Write to your manager and
Ask for time off
Describe the event
Say how you will make up time missed

Sample topic 5:
Write a letter to a friend who you borrowed something from that got damaged. In your letter
Mention what you borrowed
Describe how it was damaged
Say how you will fix it

Sample topic 6:
You are planning to give a presentation at your company. Write a letter to a colleague asking for help. Include:
When and where will the presentation be
What the topic is
What help you would like

Sample topic 7:
Write a letter to a young friend who will join your company next month. Include in your letter
What the work done at the company is
What they should bring on the first day
What they will do on the first day of work

Sample topic 8:
You saw an advertisement in the paper for a property management position at an apartment complex. Write a letter to express your interest. Include
Why you are writing
Your suitability for the role
How you would approach the position

Sample topic 9:
Write a letter to your landlord to ask about repair work that was not completed successfully. Write
What the problem was
What the repairs did
What you expect

Sample topic 10:
Write a letter to the editor to give your opinion about a magazine that you purchased. Include
Why you bought it
What you liked and disliked about it
Suggestions for improvement

Sample topic 11:
Write a letter to an online seller about an order that you have not yet received. Include in your letter
The details of your order
Why you need it right away
What you expect the company to do

Sample topic 12:
Write a letter to the manager or a taxi company about documents that you left in one of their vehicles.
Where you left them
Why they are important
What you want them to do

Sample topic 13:
You were recently helped by an employee at the airport. Write to the airport to
Describe the problem
Talk about how you were helped
Suggest how to reward the employee

Sample topic 14:
Write a letter to the organiser of an annual festival that you attended last year. Include
Feedback about last year
An offer to volunteer
Questions about the festival

Sample topic 15:
Write a letter to your friend who wants suggestions for a product to export out of your country. Include
The product you suggest
The region it comes from
Why it is a good product to export

Sample topic 16:
Write a letter to the manager of your company to ask about providing bicycle parking. Write
The purpose of the site
Your requirements
When you will need it

Sample topic 17:
You recently attended a course in another country but had to the course in the middle and return to your country. Write a letter to your teacher:
Thank him/her
Tell him/her your situation
Tell them what you will remember best

Sample topic 18:
You are interested in applying for a new position at your company but have some questions. Write a letter to you boss. In your letter include:
Which position you are considering
What questions you have about it
How your boss can help you decide whether or not to apply

Sample topic 19:
A friend is planning to visit the town where you live. Write a letter to make some suggestions about
The best time to visit your town
The most interesting places to check out
Where to find inexpensive accommodation

Sample topic 20:
Write a letter to a friend whose birthday party you missed. In you letter include
An apology
Why you missed it
Questions about how fun it was

Sample topic 21:
Write a letter of complaint to an airline company.
Give details of the flight
Explain the problem
Tell them what you would like done

Sample topic 22:
Write a letter to a foreign friend who has asked if they can stay with you when visiting your country. Include
Why you do not have time to host them
An alternate date
Recommendations for what to do

Sample topic 23:
Write a letter to an organiser who booked a hotel for you for your company. Include in your letter
Details about the booking
What you didn’t like about the hotel
What you want the organiser to do

Sample topic 24:
Write a letter to a friend asking for help with a new job you have taken that your friend has been doing for a long time with another company. In your letter,
Ask about the challenges for the job
Ask about possible solutions
Arrange to meet and talk

Sample topic 25:
You stayed over at a friend’s house last weekend and think that you left your watch there.
Thank your friend
Describe your watch
Tell them what you want them to do

Sample topic 26:
You lost your driver’s license but someone found it and send it back to your address. Write a letter including
Thanking them
Asking where they found it
Explaining why you need it

Sample topic 27:
Write a letter to friend to inform them of a celebration you are having for a recent job promotion. Include information about
The promotion
The celebration
Their accommodation

Sample topic 28:
A colleague at work is organising a goodbye party which you’re not able to attend. Write a letter to him. In the letter, say:
Why you can’t attend
Something you appreciate about him from work
How you will stay in touch with him in the future

Sample topic 29:
Write a letter to your friend who is visiting a city that you know well. Recommend
Places worth visiting
Where to eat
How to get around the city

Sample topic 30:
Write a letter of recommendation for a friend to help them get a job where you are currently working. Include
Who the person is
How you know them
Why you recommend them

Sample topic 31:
Write a letter to an editor of a newspaper about a mistake from a recent article. Include
What the mistake was
How they can correct it
How to avoid this mistake in the future

Sample topic 32:
An item of clothing that you purchased at a store has some issues and you wish to return it. Write a letter:
Describing the item in question
Detailing the issues
Telling the manager what you expect them to do with it

Sample topic 33:
Write a letter to a friend inviting them to go on vacation with you. Include
Why you want to go on holiday
Where you want to go
Why you want them to come with you

Sample topic 34:
Write a letter to your public city council to complain about garbage being left near your house. Include in your letter
Who you think left it
Why it is a problem
What you want the city to do

Sample topic 35:
Write a letter to the manager of a restaurant near you regarding renovations that you will be having done on your apartment. Include in your letter
What the repairs are
How it will affect their restaurant
Some possible solutions

Sample topic 36:
A friend has asked about the details of a course that you recently complete in a training centre.
Explain the course details
Why your friend should take the course
How the course has benefited you

Sample topic 37:
Write a letter to a tour company manager to give your appreciation for your tour guide. Include in your letter
Your tour details
What you liked about the guide
Ways for the manager to reward the guide

Sample topic 38:
You recently stayed in a hotel and after returning back home you realized you left a piece of clothing at the hotel. Write a letter to the manager of the hotel including
What it was
Where you left it
What actions you want them to take

Sample topic 39:
Write a letter to your local city council about the closure of a children’s playground. Include in your letter
Where the park is
What makes the park special
Suggestions for how to keep it open

Sample topic 40:
You recently stayed at a hotel for a conference with your company and there were several problems with your room. Write to the hotel management to complain. Include
Where you stayed
What the problems were
How they can fix your complaints

Sample topic 41:
Your local council has asked for suggestions for how to keep the city cleaner. Write to your representative to
Explain what the council can do
What people can do to help
How the community will benefit from a cleaner city

Sample topic 42:
Your friend is going to stay in your apartment while you are away. Write a letter to your friend and include:
Where the key is
Instructions to look after the apartment
What should he/ she do on the day of your return

Sample topic 43:
A company is appealing to your local city council to open a factory near where you live. You and your neighbors are opposed to the idea. Write to the city council
Stating why it is a bad idea
Where it should be built
Tell the council what you want them to do

Sample topic 44:
You recently had a job interview which went well but you are still awaiting their decision. Write a letter to the HR manager of the company
Give the job details
Explain why the interview went well
Ask when you will know their decision

Sample topic 45:
Someone returned to you a bag that you lost with all its belongings still inside it. Write a letter to thank the person:
Thank the person
Explain how you lost it
Explain why its belongings were so important

Sample topic 46:
You are going on vacation soon. Write a letter to a friend
Telling them the reason for the holiday
Your plan
Invite them to come with you

Sample topic 47:
Write a letter to a hotel manager in another city to ask about a 2 day business trip for yourself and your colleagues. Include
An introduction to your office
Information about the business trip
Other requests

Sample topic 48:
Your friend’s parents are coming to visit your hometown. Write a letter to
Tell them where they should visit
Suggest where they should stay
Offer to do something for them

Sample topic 49:
Write a letter to a company manager about a problem with an item that you purchased online.
Describe the item
Tell the manager what the problem is
Explain what you want them to do

Sample topic 50:
Write a letter to your manager who is leaving the company. Include
How you feel about this
What you liked about working with him/her
Questions about his/her future plans

Sample topic 51:
Write a letter to invite and English-speaking friend to watch a movie with you about your country. In your letter:
Include some background about the film
Explain why it might interest him/her
Suggest arrangements for watching the film

Sample topic 52:
Write a letter to a friend who just moved into a new house that you are sending a gift to. Include
What the gift is
Why you chose it
How it will be delivered

Sample topic 53:
You have just returned from a conference and want to give a presentation to your colleagues. Write a letter to your manager about this. Include
What the conference was about
Your plans for the presentation
Its impact on your company

Sample topic 54:
Write a letter to your friend who is travelling overseas. You have been staying at their apartment and there was a storm. Tell your friend:
About the storm.
About the damage
What repairs must be made

Sample topic 55:
You had dinner with a family friend. Write a letter to your friend to say
What you liked about the dinner
Your feelings about their family
Invite your friend and their family to your place

Sample topic 56:
An historic building in your city is in bad condition. Write to the local government. Include in your letter:
Why the building is important
Its present condition
What action must be taken

Sample topic 57:
You want to join a gym. Write a letter to a friend asking them to join with you. Include
Why you want to exercise
What types of exercises you are planning to do
Why you want your friend to join you

Sample topic 58:
Write a letter to a colleague asking for assistance setting up equipment for an upcoming presentation of yours. Include
What the presentation is about
The equipment needed
Suggestions to set it up

Sample topic 59:
You are working for an international company and you would like to request time off for a family event. Write a letter to your boss
Explaining what the celebration is
Asking for the time off
Explaining how you can get work done when you take time off

Sample topic 60:
Write a letter to a friend recommending a restaurant to them for a family celebration. Include in your letter
The location of the restaurant
Why the restaurant is suitable
Suggestions for making contact

Sample topic 61:
Your friend has asked you to help find a music teacher for their child. Write to your friend describing the teacher you have found.
Explain why they are suitable
Explain their background
Explaing how they can get in touch

Sample topic 62:
A local magazine has asked for the opinion of readers as to how the magazine could be improved. Write to the magazine
Telling them why your read it
What you like and dislike about it
What improvements you would like to see in it

Sample topic 63:
You want to arrange a conference for your company, and you need to ask one of your colleagues to give a presentation in this conference.
Write a letter to your colleague. In your letter include:
Details about the conference
Why you want your colleague to give presentation
What arrangement will you do for this conference

Sample topic 64:
Write a letter to the manager of a theater where your friend had an accident and they helped out. In your letter include
How it happened
How they helped
What they can do to prevent accidents in the future

Sample topic 65:
Write a letter to an admissions officer at a community college. Explain to them
Which course you want to attend
Why you want to attend this course
How it related to your background

Sample topic 66:
Write a letter to the secretary of an institute to accept an invitation to give a talk about your country at an American university. Include
Acceptance and a possible date
What you will say in the talk
Equipment you will need

Sample topic 67:
Write a letter to your son’s friend who is coming to your town on holiday. He wants to stay with you but you cannot accommodate him. Include:
An apology
Reasons why he can’t stay in your home
Suggestions for other accommodation

Sample topic 68:
You recently ate at a local restaurant with your family and want to write to the local newspaper to tell them
About the restaurant
What you ate
Why you would/wouldn’t recommend this restaurant

Sample topic 69:
You use public transport and have been facing issues. Write a letter to the public transport authorities. In your letter include:
Why public transport is important to you
What problem you face
Suggest what can be done to improve public transport

Sample topic 70:
Write a letter to a friend who invited you to meet up but you missed the appointment.
Apologise for not messaging
Explain why you could not go
Suggest another date

Sample topic 71:
Write a letter to a friend telling them about an interesting website you found. Tell your friend
How you found it
How it can help
How you use it

Sample topic 72:
You are working for a large company that provides financial help to local community groups and your company director has asked for recommendations about which group to help next year. In your letter
Include the group you want to suggest
Include what you expect the company to do
Explain how that will help the group

Sample topic 73:
You are moving to a new city with your family. Write a letter to a real estate agent to enquire about accommodations. Include in your letter
Why you are moving
Where you want to live
The type of accommodation required

Sample topic 74:
You had a problem with the flight staff on a recent flight. Write a letter to the airline manage to complain.
Include the flight details
Explain what happened
Tell the manager what you want them to do

Sample topic 75:
Write a letter to a college in Australia, telling them about a short training course you want to take related to your work. Include in your letter
About the course
Why you want to do the course
Your expectations about the course

Sample topic 76:
You are going to another country to study. You would like to do a part-time job while you are studying, so you want to ask a friend who lives there for some help.
Write a letter to this friend. In your letter
Give details of your study plans
Explain why you want to get a part-time job
Suggest how your friend could help you find a job

Sample topic 77:
You friend has recently had a baby and you bought a gift. Write them a letter
Explaining the gift you bought
Describing the features of the gift
Asking when you can come drop it off

Sample topic 78:
You are relocating back to your country. There is some furniture that you would like to return to your friend. In your letter tell them
What furniture you will be giving back
Detail on the condition of the furniture
How they can come and collect the furniture

Sample topic 79:
Write a letter to a friend about an upcoming event in your town. Include
What the event is
Why they would be interested
An invitation to stay with you

Sample topic 80:
Write a letter to the local school in your neighborhood to give suggestions about improving its buildings and play area. Include
Why they should be improved
Suggestions for how
When they could be improved

Sample topic 81:
Write a letter inviting your friend to a family function. Tell him/her:
What the occasion is
What your plans are
Why it is important he/she comes

Sample topic 82:
Your landlord wishes to increase your rent. Write a letter to him stating
Why the rent should not be increased
Current issues in the apartment
What you will do if he does

Sample topic 83:
Your local newspaper is giving out an award to the persona who has done the most to help the local community. Write to the newspaper about
A person who could win
How you know this person
How he has helped the neighborhood

Sample topic 84:
You and a co-worker want to make use of a company room. Write a letter to your manager to ask for permission. Include
Why you need the room
Which room and why
Changes you will need made to the room

Sample topic 85:
You are attending night classes at a local college and you are unhappy with some parts of the course. Write a letter to the school director and include
What course you are studying
What has made you unhappy
What you expect the director to do about it

Sample topic 86:
Write a letter to a hotel manager about a party that you want to arrange for somebody you know. Include in your letter
Where you want to hold the party
Details of the party
Your budget for the party

Sample topic 87:
Write a letter to a friend who will be looking after your apartment while you are gone. Include
Where the keys are
What they should take care of
What to do when you come back

Sample topic 88:
You recently took a two day course. Write feedback to the course organiser. In your letter
Detail the course
Explain what you liked
Tell them what they should do better

Sample topic 89:
You live with a roommate at university but you have trouble studying because of a problem related to your roommate. Write a letter to an administrator at your university and include:
Who you are
The problem
What you suggest they do

Sample topic 90:
A local school is requesting ideas for renovations. Write to them and include
Problems they have now
Suggestions to change
How they could make these changes

Sample topic 91:
Write a letter to a friend who you spent a weekend with helping to move and hosting a party. Include in your letter
What you like most about the new apartment
What you did over the weekend
Where and when you would like to meet again

Sample topic 92:
Write a letter to a friend who worked at your previous company. You have moved to a new job in a new city.
Describe your city
Describe your job
Describe the arrangements for him to visit you

Sample topic 93:
Write a letter of  invitation to a friend for a special celebration. In your letter include
An invitation for your friend
What the celebration is about
Travel and accommodation suggestions

Sample topic 94:
You are working at an international company and recently your responsibilities have changed and you think more training is required. Write to your boss saying
How your job has changed
Describing the training you need
Suggesting how traning could be done efficiently

Sample topic 95:
Write a leters to a sports club president about an upcoming event at the club you would like to propose. Include
The kind of event
Who should be invited
Your role in the event

Sample topic 96:
You work part time and are attending a course and your manager has offered to give you time off to attend your classes full time.
Write to your boss informing him/her
Of your decision
Your gratitude
Further steps to be taken

Sample topic 97:
You’re interested in a music course that you saw advertised.
Expain why you’re interested
Request more information
Talk about your experience level

Sample topic 98:
Write a letter to the manager of a cinema (movie theatre) about a jacket you have left behind after a film. In your letter:
Describe the jacket
Describe where you were seated
Explain what you want to be done

Sample topic 99:
You recently joined a sports club and are having some problems. Write to the manager and include
Why you joined the club
The problems you are having
Some possible solutions

Sample topic 100:
Write a letter to your manager about your work from the last year. Include
What you did
What you think you could improve
A training request

Sample topic 101:
At a hotel where you were staying you requested a wake-up call but it did not arrive. Write to the hotel manager
Why you requested the call
What the inconvenience caused
What they can do to avoid this in the future

Sample topic 102:
Write a letter to you friend who you were not able to say goodbye to when you left. You worked together at a multinational company.
Apologise to them
Tell them why you left
Tell them what you’ll miss about them

Sample topic 103:
Write a letter to a co-worker telling that about a visit you are planning to their town. Include
When you will arrive
The purpose of your visit
Suggestions for things you can do together

Sample topic 104:
Write a letter to a friend who is currently moving into a new home. Write to your friend
Asking about the new home
Telling them you can help
Describing how you can help

Sample topic 105:
Write a letter to your landlord complaining about noise in the block of flats which he owns.
Where you live
The problem
What he should do

Sample topic 106:
You visited your friend’s hometown last month and promised to meet him but you could not. Write to your friend
Expressing your apology
Explaining why you couldn’t meet
Suggesting when to meet later

Sample topic 107:
Your company sent you abroad to take a training course and you want to extend your stay abroad. Write to your manager
About the benefits of the course
Why you want to stay
When you will come back

Sample topic 108:
Write a letter to your friend who you recently travelled with to a foreign country. Include
Why you enjoyed the trip
What you are doing now
An invitation to visit you now

Sample topic 109:
Your colleague loaned you a book to use in a presentation at work. Write to your friend to say
What the presentation was about
Why it was important
How the book helped you

Sample topic 110:
You recently attended a conference and would like to give a presentation to your colleagues about it. Write a letter to your manager and include:
The topic of the conference
Why you want to present about it
When it could be done

Sample topic 111:
Write a letter to a friend asking for help to build your website. Include
The purpose of the site
Your requirements
When you will need it
Your expecatations of payment

Sample topic 112:
Write a letter to a local restaurant that is very noisy. In your letter
Introduce yourself
Describe the problem
Say what actions you will take

Sample topic 113:
Write a letter to a translation agency about a report that you need to have translated urgently. Include
The content of your report
Why you need it translated
Why it is urgent

Sample topic 114:
You just finished a course and borrowed a book from the teacher but couldn’t return it on time. You would like to return the book now. Write to your teacher
Describing the book
Saying how helpful the book was
Explaining why you didn’t return it before

Sample topic 115:
You recently travelled by train and it was very late causing your some problems. Write to the manager of the company
Telling them where you were going
Describing the problems you faces
Asking them to take action

Sample topic 116:
You booked tickets to the theatre in advance but will not be able to make it. Write a letter to your friend:
Explaining why you can’t make it
Suggesting what to do with the tickets