Is Service Better In large Shops Or In Small Shops? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Is service better in large shops or in small shops?

Oh, no doubt, in small ones as they have a greater emphasis on customer service than large ones. They create a great shopping environment with quality products, outstanding customer service and advice from friendly expert staff. Shoppers just can’t resist this personal attention and staff’s commitment to service. What is more, customers can be sure that in difficult situations they will get sincere empathy from staff who will do their best to resolve complaints in their favour. As far as large shops are concerned, their impersonal service, standard operating procedures and indifferent calmness often repel buyers more and more turning them to smaller stores which have, to my mind, become the leaders of consumers’ preferences, first of all, for their excellent personal service.