Is It Possible That All Of The Population Move To Cities? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Is it possible that all of the population move to cities?

Well, undoubtedly, there will be more and more people moving to cities because of educational opportunities (as everyone knows that all major and affluent colleges and universities are located in or near big cities) and because of a better job market. Also, I think that cities will attract more and more people with their better medical care and even their lifestyle because collective cultures create an exciting cultural backdrop. However, massive population growth will inevitably lead to more pollution, higher accommodation costs, congestion, and a number of other problems. So, I’m sure that at some point the trend will be reversed. What’s more, there will always be different types of people: those who strive for achievements and those who opt for peace, a slow pace of life, pure privacy, and utter tranquility Thus, there will always be people who will stay in the countryside. So, I don’t think that all of the population will ever move to cities.