Do You Think That People Buy A Lot Of Things That They Don’t Need? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Do you think that people buy a lot of things that they don’t need?

Exactly. Nowadays people buy lots of things they later never use. And I think the most common reason we buy such stuff is quite simple – boredom. When a person doesn’t have anything else to do, when a person doesn’t have a purpose, they simply get something new to spice up their day. So, first of all, people buy something new to entertain themselves. For some people, buying new stuff is the only way to feel good about themselves. I know people who think that they aren’t good enough and not dressed well enough if they don’t possess this or that item or piece of clothing. So they are trying to solve their psychological problems through the act of buying. Also, people’s brains are made to be attracted to novelty. There are so many cool things produced each year: new phones, new laptops, new cars, new gadgets, new TV shows. So even if a person doesn’t need a new phone, they simply can’t resist the pressure. As a result, a person quickly convinces themselves that they do need one. Finally, many people fall prey to advertising. Companies glamorously introduce their products and explain how these will magically cure you or make you feel better and that you will now belong to another group of people, a much cooler group of people.