Do You Think Some Parents Spend Too Much Money On Toys? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Do you think some parents spend too much money on toys?

Definitely. Some parents spend way too much money on toys. And there are lots of reasons for this. Some parents feel guilty that they spend too much time at work and don’t spend quality time with their children. So they think buying lots of expensive toys is a good way to compensate for this. Some parents want to keep their children occupied for as long as possible when they find themselves too tired, too overwhelmed or too overstretched to spend quality time with their kids. Also, there are some parents who believe this is the best way to show love to their kids. They are convinced that the more toys they buy, the more loved their kids will feel. Oh, and some parents just give into their child’s whims. Some children want something and throw a tantrum for it, and the parents give in and get the item. Children quickly figure out that a tantrum will be rewarded. And they use this strategy more and frequently. As a result, their parents spend more and more money on toys. Finally, there are some parents who had very few toys as kids, so they are determined to give their own children as much as they can.