Do You Think Deadlines Are Necessary? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Do you think deadlines are necessary?

Absolutely. I think all people can be roughly divided into 2 categories: perfectionists and procrastinators. As far as perfectionists are concerned, they believe that nothing they do is worthwhile unless it’s perfect. For example, if there are no deadlines, perfectionists can spend several days writing and rewriting a 2-sentence email. So in the absence of deadlines, they tend to spend way too much time on completing even the easiest tasks. Or it’s likely that their to-do lists will be full of tasks that will never be completed ’cause they think that what they’ve done is less than perfect, and they hope that someday they will find a way to improve it. For procrastinators, deadlines become the drive that forces them to focus on their projects, presentations, goals, assignments or things like this ’cause it’s pretty easy to delay a task that has no agreed end point, especially when people lack self-control. Imagine you need to present your work to your boss next month, and you still have plenty of time on your hands. So you take things easy. And I bet you don’t worry about the task. When the deadline is approaching, you start to feel the pressure. And this makes you start working hard not to miss the deadline. So l’d like to say that no matter what people are trying to accomplish – a project, a milestone, a goal, a target – they need to have a clear and specific deadline to help them focus on what they have to do and avoid being overly perfectionist.