Do You Prefer Advice From Your Family Or Your Friends? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Do you prefer advice from your family or your friends?

Well, whenever I need some really important advice, I, first of all, seek it of my parents, ’cause I know that they have more experience and will always give me rational advice based on the lessons they have learnt throughout their life. What is more, they are very reliable and will never betray or harm me. They are always there for me and will help me wholeheartedly in any situation. But if the advice I need is not that vital and doesn’t put me at risk or pose threat to my future, I will go to my friends because they think like me, know all my ambitions and passions and will never criticise or repremand me even if I want to do something rash and irrational.