Describe Something That You Are Interested To Learn Or Improve

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking cho chủ đề: Describe something that you are interested to learn or improve

You Should Say:

  • What you would like to learn
  • How you would learn it
  • Why you are interested in it
  • Part 3 – Learning new things

Câu trả lời:

On countless occasions I say to myself ‘I wish I could edit graphics in Photoshop’. Or in a similar program… Then I always put it off until I could find time. And although the right moment hasn’t come yet, this is what I sill really want to learn to do.

First of all, it would be beneficial for my business as I need to create posters, leaflet designs or images for my Facebook page and website almost every day. And it is very important for these images to be simple, yet, attractive and informative. Sometimes I can make them myself if I just need to crop or resize the image using Microsoft Paint or some apps on my phone. However, when I need some more advanced manipulations, I have to hire a designer. Unfortunately, I’m sure that in most cases it would be much faster to do it myself than to explain a designer what idea I have in my head. Also, I love taking pictures and being taken pictures of. These photos never come out perfect after the first snapshot, therefore I usually take hundreds of them before I feel satisfied with the result. If only I could use Photoshop or Figma, I think I would have to take half as many.

This software has a reputation for being hard to learn but, thank God, there are a number of online courses and video tutorials to practice along with. So even though I usually work long hours and often have to go to work at weekends, Il’ll be able to master this skill at home and learn at my own pace whenever I have a spare moment. If it appears as difficult as it seems, one day l’ll find the time to take an extensive course at a local occupational school. I don’t think I’ll ever regret as this is something that will pay off forever. Moreover, it’s always interesting to try something new. You know, it’s a nice way to relieve the stress when you do what is not a part of your daily routine.