Describe An Interesting Discussion You Had With Your Friend

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking cho chủ đề: Describe an interesting discussion you had with your friend]

You Should Say:

  • What it was about
  • What opinions you and your friend had
  • Why it was interesting
  • How you felt about it
  • Part 3 – ‘Opinions and ideas, communication’

Câu trả lời:

Recently my friend invited me to grab some coffee and catch up. One of the things he told me was that he started thinking of investing his life savings in cryptocurrency. He said it was the best time to invest ’cause the price of bitcoin and several other leading cryptocurrencies had suffered huge falls in December, so the price of bitcoin plunged to about 40000 dollars, but some analysts are predicting the price of bitcoin could hit 100000 dollars by the end of the next year. And there are a lot of new coins that he thinks will make a good investment as well. One more reason why he said cryptocurrency could make a good investment is that everyone says cryptocurrency is the future ‘currency of the internet’ and ultimate store of wealth. What’s more, transactions are fast, digital, secure and worldwide, which allows the maintenance of records without risk of data being pirated.

Despite all this, it was obvious he couldn’t make up his mind. I’m sure what I told him didn’t help him at all ’cause my knowledge of cryptocurrency is limited. All I could tell him was a couple of stories of bitcoin millionaires and losses. For instance, I told him a sad story of some guy who accidentally threw away 7500 bitcoins when he got rid of an old laptop hard drive. He bought them when they were worth 1 dollar. And they are worth over 200 million dollars today. He now wants to dig up his local rubbish tip, hoping to find the old drive. Also, I told him that if I were him, I wouldn’t invest more than I can afford to lose, and that I wouldn’t invest all my life savings. In my opinion, the discussion was really fruitful as it helped me form a balanced opinion on this matter. And now I’m planning to invest a small amount of money in bitcoin in the near future. But it seems to me my friend began to doubt even more.