Describe A Song That Means Something Special To You

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking cho chủ đề: Describe a song that means something special to you

You Should Say:

  • What this song is about
  • When you heard this song for the first time
  • How often you listen to this song
  • Why it is special to you
  • Part 3 – ‘Music’

Câu trả lời:

‘I will survive’ by Diana Ross is a song that is very personal to me. This is a story of a woman that was abandoned by her beloved man. She really vividly describes what it feels like to have your heart broken.

So when I heard this song for the first time (I was a teenager), it touched a nerve as I had just broken up with my boyfriend (or girlfriend). My heart was broken, and I thought I would never love again. She sang about exactly the same feelings that I experienced at that moment. She was afraid, disappointed, frustrated and depressed. I remember I was crying the whole night, but somehow this provided emotional relief. Also, in the song she states that although it hurts, she will be strong and cope with this situation.

I heard it on the radio first and liked it straightaway. Now this song isn’t as popular as it was years ago. But this doesn’t make it less worth talking about. After that I downloaded it on my computer, andI couldn’t stop listening to it until I had learnt it by heart so that I could sing along to the whole song.

It is really difficult to overestimate what impact this song had on me. First of all, it made me understand that whatever happens, life goes on. This insight helped me combat depression, let go of negative emotions and look at my problems from a different perspective. I don’t know whether I would have got through a sticking point in my life as fast as I did if it hadn’t been for this song.

Now I don’t often listen to it as I don’t do it deliberately. But, of course, sometimes I do if I accidently hear it on the radio.