Describe A Rule That You Don’t Like

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking cho chủ đề: Describe a rule that you don’t like

You Should Say:

  • What it is
  • Why You Don’t Like it
  • What others feel about it
  • Whether you follow the rule
  • Part 3 – ‘Rules’

Câu trả lời:

What I really dislike is that some hotels don’t allow guests to take any food from a hotel’s breakfast buffet and restaurants to eat later or to eat, say, on the beach or in the room. Of course, if people were permitted to take as much food as they want, most hotels would go bankrupt ’cause in hotels that don’t have such restrictions some people just bring several containers and clean out the buffet, leaving nothing for the rest of the people in line. I think this is a bit over the top. So if all people acted like this, the rule would be justified.

But there are also many people like me. I would only grab just a few items for later ’cause I prefer to relax with my coffee and breakfast in my room rather than in the breakfast room. I think there is nothing wrong with taking food from a hotel’s breakfast room as long as it’s the same amount as I would have taken if eating IN the breakfast room. What’s more, when you are staying at a hotel, you have paid for the buffet, so there is no difference if you eat a muffin and take another to eat later, or if you eat the two muffins directly.

You know, although I don’t think the rules should be obeyed just because they are the rules, I never sneak food into my room. It’s not that I’m so law-abiding a person, but I just don’t do this. I don’t know why.