Describe A House Or Apartment You’d Like To Live In

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking cho chủ đề: Describe a house or apartment you’d like to live in

You Should Say:

  • What kind of accommodation it will be
  • Where it will be
  • If it will be big or small
  • What it will look like
  • Part 3 – ‘Accommodation’

Câu trả lời:

Well, if you’d asked me to describe my dream house a few weeks ago, I would have had no answer. But just several days ago I came across a video on YouTube that showed an unbelievably cool rectangular modern house with a grass backyard and an in-ground pool. When I saw it, my jaw dropped to the floor. I realized that this is the house of my dreams.

So, now I know that the house l’m dreaming of is a straight-lined white house made of concrete, steel and glass or a rectangular cottage with a black glass facade, possibly with multiple decks. Actually, it doesn’t really matter whether it will be white or black. I just want it to be an ultra-modern geometric building, without a traditional roof, you got the idea.

It goes without saying that the interior of the house should match its exterior. I think it will be a 2 story house with a wide-open floor plan, high ceilings, a flying staircase and big floor-to-ceiling windows that let a lot of natural light in. I’d like it to be either in minimalist style or with some characteristics of a loft-style such as massive oak planks, concrete walls, marble panels and some other elements made of natural stone glass and steel.

What’s more, there will definitely be remote control heating, lighting, and sound systems, floor heating and cooling, automatic blinds. Oh, and I nearly forgot one of the most important things.. There will be a surrounding sound system all through the house.

It will definitely be a big house as a small one won’t include all the rooms and elements of design that I want to have. I mean tall ceilings, lots of windows, spacious foyers, huge staircases, three or four garages, a kitchen and a dining room, a sunroom, walk-in closets and 2 or 3 bedrooms complete with whirlpool tubs and separate showers, laundry rooms , media rooms and a home office. And I think the best place for such a fantastic house would be in the heart of London or New York, for example.