Descibe A Successful Sports Person That You Like

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking cho chủ đề: Describe a successful sports person that you like

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • What this person has achieved
  • How you know about this person
  • Explain why you like this person
  • Part 3 for this cue card is ‘Sport’

Câu trả lời:

The only sport I enjoy watching and sometimes even playing is football. For this reason, of course, my favorite sports star is a football player. He is one of the greatest players of all time. Football experts compare him to the legendary Maradona. And I’m talking about Lionel Messi. He started making headlines many years ago, and he’s still very popular.

Messi was born in a small town in Argentina. He was just 5 when he started playing football. When he was a teenager, agents from Barcelona saw his talent, he moved to Spain. He became one of the youngest player in Barcelona. By the way, several weeks ago, he announced that he was leading Barcelona after 21 years of playing for the club (the only club he has played for, by the way) ’cause the club said it could no longer afford to pay. I even started crying when I saw him crying at his farewell press conference.

He has had a lot of extraordinary achievements and won a lot of trophies so far. For example, having scored 4 goals, he won the Golden Ball award for the World Cup’s best player in 2014. He helped his club team Barcelona win the European Champions League and the World Club Championship. What’s more, he’s Argentina’s all-time leading goalscorer.

I love to watch him play, especially when he scores his beautiful goals from quick counterattacks. He is undoubtedly a natural talent. You know, the ball seems to be glued to his food. He is a master at reading the game, and he’s very quick. Everyone calls him the greatest dribbler of his generation. I particularly like when he dribbles at high speed, then he suddenly slows down, waits for the defender to get closer to him, it’s simply impossible. What’s interesting is that everyone knows this trick, but he does it again and again, and defenders always go for that. I can’t help admiring Messi because he does things that people talk about years later.