Are Men Better At Decision – Making In A Family? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Are men better at decision-making in a family?

Well, of course, it all depends, but I believe that men are still primary breadwinners in the majority of families. So they are mostly focused on business and career decisions. What’s more, some of them work so hard that they literally don’t see their families. As a result, women, even if they are busy at work, spend more time than men making economic decisions for their families – from consumer goods to services. So, when it comes to buying something, a man would much rather buy the first workable product, while women would rather continue shopping in the hope of finding the ‘perfect solution as women would compare prices, read users’ reviews, ask friends for advice. So they know better what to buy, where to do shopping, and when it’s better to do it. Secondly, because women spend more time being engaged in family matters, they better understand the needs of everyone in a family. Due to this, women know better what gifts to buy for kids and relatives. They know each family member’s preferences. So they are better at catering for their family’s needs.