Do You Think Technology Unites Or Separates People? Latest Answers

Câu trả lời mẫu cho câu hỏi: Do you think technology unites or separates people?

On the one hand, and it’s obvious, technology makes it easier to keep in touch with friends and relatives, and therefore they help you keep connected with your family and friends no matter how far apart you are. You can text them, make video calls any time you want. You can disclose any personal information and respond to others in their social networks. However, smartphones and tablets, originally designed as a communication tool, actually hinder rather than foster interpersonal connectedness. Unfortunately, there are many situations in which you ignore friends in favor of a mobile phone. For example, you feel the quick buzz of our phone and feel compelled to see what’s happening, even if that means turning your attention away from other people. When you are on your phone, you are not looking at other people and not reading their facial expressions, tears in their eyes, frowns, smiles. You don’t hear the nuances in their tone of voice, or notice their body posture. For example, I used to have a friend who checked her phone so much when we were together that I finally told her she had to choose – me or her phone. Also, there are many situations in which you are mindlessly scrolling through the latest news or playing a game, instead of chatting with your friends. But giving your time, energy, thought, and attention to your smartphone, smartwatch, video game system instead of the person you’re with is gradually ruining your relationship ’cause your friends and family may feel ignored and pushed away. I’ll tell you more, just having a phone out and present during a conversation (say, on the table between you and your friend) interferes with the sense of connection to the other person and the quality This phenomenon is especially the case during meaningful conversations.